Reporting Issues

ARCS is currently in its infantile stages, so you may encounter some bugs and issues in the application. However, these are different from flagging a resource since you would be defining a problem which you may face with the functionality of the application and not with any data specific to a resource.

We believe that it is very important that you provide us a helpful bug report so that our developers can fix it accordingly and make ARCS a better experience for you.

You can provide the details of the bug report through the feedback link present at the bottom right corner of the page. You can access this link through any of the pages like search, upload or viewer.



You can provide your feedback by clicking on the feedback link > Contact Support and then include a descriptive message subject, the summary of the problem in the message body and your email address. You can make your feedback more helpful by providing us with the URL where you encountered the bug, the steps you took to reproduce the problem and the screenshots.


We appreciate any helpful ideas to improve our application. If you have any innovative ideas to enhance the application you can click on Give Feedbackand enter your idea with a brief description. We will get back to you through your email.