Searching ARCS

Searching a resource, collection or notebook has been implemented in a faceted fashion in ARCS so that it is easier for you to find a specific resource even when you do not know all the details about the same.


A facet can be defined as a particular aspect of the resource such as the user, or the date of creation of the resource etc.

Facets are a very powerful method of data mining based on searching by data attribute but the general idea is that you’re filtering resources based on the data we store about them.

Facets work by typing in the attribute you would like to filter the resources by, which can be anything as general as the type of resource to something as specific as a title or you can chain them up together. For example, you know that John Doe uploaded an image, and you know that he uploaded it yesterday, but you do not know anything else. You can construct a search query that will find everything that John uploaded yesterday.


Searching is still in development to include more general searching, but in the meantime, you can find a list of available facets below.

The following table gives the description of the different facets that can be used to search a resource in ARCS:

Facet Description
all* Default facet. Matches all fields.
caption Matches annotation caption text.
collection Matches resources within a collection. For example:
collection: Bones 1980's
comment Matches comment text.
created Matches the date on which the resource was uploaded.
Provide a date using month-day-year format. You can also
use the aliases today and yesterday.
filetype Matches the filetype of the resource. Some common
filetypes are pdf, jpeg, and png.
filename Matches the filename that resource was uploaded with.
For example: filename: RS_547_832.pdf
id Matches the resource's unique id.
modified Matches the date on which the resource was last
keyword Matches resources with a keyword. For example:
keyword: east-field
title Matches the title of the resource. For example:
title: Bones 1989
type Matches the resource type given when uploading a new
resource. These values can vary depending on how ARCS
is configured.
user Matches the owner of the resource. This will usually
be the user that uploaded it. For example:
user: John Doe


Facet values will be auto-completed when possible. For certain facets, like user, we'll only auto-complete the values if you're logged in.